Spatial Business Intelligence

July 13, 2014
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Tuner14™ Spatial Business Intelligence

freecom wireless presents a geospatial business software solution
suitable for web retailers, producers, service providers and IT security,
enabling location based management of contacts and web activity.

Tuner14™ is an essential business server application that bridges a commercial website to internal business specific data, providing powerful market analysis, demand forecasting, and search engine optimization tools that become more powerful as the business grows.

Designed from the ground up as a fully hosted web application, it provides a business contact manager and advanced spatial web host, allowing users to display customers, suppliers, points of interest, virtually any location they desire against live or historic website activity, from a shared data pool based on individual search parameters.

The complementary business intelligence and geospatial components compare, filter, sort and geographically render business information with minimal user effort, while contracts management allows quick access to critical documentation. Click here for more details.

Tuner14™ Production Extension
An production management extension is also available for manufacturing environments. Click here for more details.
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